Episode 5 Solicit
In March, Ninjas Revealed and Friendships Exposed kicks off with a bang. Sophie is surprised by a visit from her oldest friend from Chicago. There’s a rare glimpse into her mysterious past, and some long asked questions about where she came from are finally revealed.
Episode 6 Solicit
April is the start of big changes for the High Heel Samurai. It’s what we’ve been hinting at since the season began. A shocking incident with Lucy will cause Tori to take drastic actions, and it’s going to come with a very high price. Without hyperbole, this one is going to shake all four Samurai Girls to their very core!
Episode 7 Solicit
Change… Consequence… You’ll understand soon enough. Needless to say, one of the High Heel Samurai is gone. That’s right. No joke. No going back on this… Say goodbye. Tori’s questioning the tournament, Mia still loves Jack, Sophie’s past is creeping up on her, and Catia wants to be a good person. Who will go? Who will stay? And who’s going to be the replacement?
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