We're halfway through the first season two episode, "New Beginnings and New Problems" (webisodes 8-1 to 8-6). On October 8, webisode 8-6 will air, bringing the first episode of season two to a close. Then on October 22, the next episode titled "Bad Bums and Saturday Nights", will begin.

Now, why exactly am I explaining all this? Well, last year you may have noticed that between episodes we have something called a skip week. That meant every six weeks there was a Wednesday night without any HHS fun. Not anymore!

We get emails from HHS fans all the time, and now the skip week is going to be dedicated to you! At 11:59 PM on October 15, get ready for the first "HHS: Behind the Scenes Special." It's a bit of a mouthful, but definitely worth tuning in for.

To kick off the first special, we're going to host a "Samurai Fan-Art Contest." That's right! It's your chance to get your fan art on the screen for HHS fans to see. The best art will be shown in the HHS Behind the Scenes Special, and presented by myself and a HHS cast member. Winners will also get an autographed picture with all four High Heel Samurai girls and myself. We'll even sign the pics on the air!

We're also going to answer some of our fan mail on the show, so if you have a question, or a comment that you'd like to share, now's your chance to get an online response. If your question is read on the show, we'll throw in an autographed picture for that, too!

Just send in your artwork, questions or comments to contest@blackholeonline.com with the subject "Samurai Fan Art". You can also send it through the official High Heel Samurai page on MySpace. If you're still using snail mail, you can send artwork and letters to HHS, P.O. Box 819, Natick MA, 01760. We cannot return any materials sent to us.

All submissions must be received by October 10!!!

If your art or question is chosen, you will receive a personal response from a Samurai staff member, so be sure to include an email address or telephone number. The best drawings and most interesting questions will be included in the first "Behind the Scenes Special" and be introduced by myself and a Samurai Cast Member on October 15.

Who said that skip weeks aren't any fun?