...From the Files of Frank Carson

Tori is the younger sister of Mia Tallatetto, leader of the High Heel Samurai. Even though she is young, her age has never stopped her from taking charge. If Tori were ten years older, she would probably be the natural leader. As a Freshman in college, Tori’s plans for the future are uncertain. She’s growing up fast, and not even her sister can hold her back. The world is at Tori’s fingertips and that makes her the most unpredictable.

Mia is the leader of the High Heel Samurai. She has lived in Boston her entire life and knows the ins and outs of the city like any native would. Since she was young, she has been captivated by the tales of her father’s elite fighting competition, the Guerrieri. Taking it upon herself to bring back the tournament for a new generation, Mia leads Tori, Catia and Sophie in a no rules competition with high risks and higher profit.

Sophie was born in Chicago, IL. Little is known about her early life, but the details we do have suggest that her childhood wasn’t easy. Sophie moved to Boston when she was accepted at MIT. After graduation, she permanently made the city her home. She first met Mia and Catia in college. It is assumed that Mia and Catia are the closest thing Sophie has to a family.

Catia was born and raised in Boston. She possesses a natural technical mind and excels in all things mathematical. She has been best friends with Mia Tallatetto since they met in first grade. After graduating from MIT, Catia found work at the Counterpoint Systems Corporation where she continues to use her mathematical and engineering abilities. Thought she is the most reserved, she is a powerful fighter and the most controlled.

Born and raised in New York, Blaire Salia is Manhattan royalty. Considered highly intelligent, Blaire was accepted to Wellesley College at age 15 and graduated top of her class before turning 20. Someday, Blaire will take the reins of her family’s company and fortune. Until then, she’s just looking to have fun. A self proclaimed Ninja, Blaire has traveled the world looking for ways to amuse herself. With nearly limitless funds and her exceptionally high intelligence, Blaire is dangerous.
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