High Heel Samurai
Online at: highheelsamurai.com and blackholeonline.com
Date and Time: Wednesdays 11:59 PM Eastern Time
Tori Tallatetto (Lauren Guglielmello) has no idea what she’s getting herself into. When her sister, Mia, revived her father’s infamous fighting tournament, the only thing Tori wanted was to be part of the fun. Little did she realize, the competition isn’t just a hobby. It’s a way of life. Lifelong friends Sophie Tremble (Sam Pannier), Catia Montaccini (Mia Van de Water), and Blaire Salia (Maya Murphy) complete the High Heel Samurai, and together they take to the street in an annual fighting competition with the style and grace that only these knockouts could deliver.

In Season 1, the Guerrieri tournament was reborn for a new generation of fighters. The High Heel Samurai learned that living on the edge wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Old rivalries threatened to put an end to the competition, and the day to day struggles of keeping the tournament going challenged them all.

In season 2, the Samurai Girls learn of the consequences for how they’ve chosen to live. With a growing name in the back alleys of Boston, new enemies looking to take control, and the authorities increasingly watchful eye, things are going to be harder. In their first year, they weren’t sure they could pull it off. In their second year, they’ll have to pay the price.

Filmed on location in Boston, High Heel Samurai is an action/drama series designed for online audiences. Hour-long episodes are divided into six “webisodes” that are uploaded weekly. Season 1 consisted of seven shows. Season 2 will consist of 12 one hour shows. High Heel Samurai is an F.R. Perro Films original series created by Chip Perro & Rick Perro. It is produced by Deborah Perro.
Principal Credits
Creators: Chip Perro & Rick Perro
Executive Producer: Deborah Perro
Writers: Chip Perro & Rick Perro
Directors: Chip Perro & Rick Perro
Starring: Lauren Guglielmello
Sam Pannier
Mia Van de Water
Maya Murphy
Casey Preston
Brandon Stumpf
Drew Cooper
Copyright © 2007-2009 by F. R. Perro, Inc.