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Bret Silverberg Wainy Days "Shelly"
December 7, 2008
Often heralded as the brains behind the counter-culture comedy troupe “The State” and later “Stella,” David Wain stars, finally, in his own Internet series.

If you’re not familiar with “The State,” “Stella,” or any other of the off-shoots that were spawned by “The State”—“Reno 911” and the feature film “Wet Hot American Summer” among them—David Wain plays himself in this series that I’m sure won’t stray very far from the erratic, witty style that he knows and loves.

I had heard much about this show but had yet to experience it until now. Prior to clicking the link to the show, I felt like an overweight 15-year-old kid about to take a bite into his first Milky Way bar of the day.

The pilot is nice and fast paced, and there’s plenty of complete randomness in the humor for all you “Wainiacs” out there. Wain acts in his trademark slightly effeminate, self-effacing style that fans have come to cherish through the years.

Most of the “Stella” stuff, in which he was heavily involved, revolved around Wain and his two roommates, Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter, also “State” alums, getting themselves into problems that could easily be resolved by any rationally thinking human being. For the “Stella” trio, things like finding an apartment filled up a Comedy Central half-hour.

But in “Wainy Days” it’s just three minutes of Wain, and it seems like they toned down the weirdness. Wait…scratch that. Reverse it. But I could watch three minutes of David Wain sitting in a rocking chair and think it was funny. I’m willing to bet that particular plot line is already being worked into production.

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