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Bret Silverberg Average Betty: Baja-Ha Fish Tacos
November 11, 2008
Average Betty takes on…Average Betty, in her episode that takes on fish tacos.

It features multiple Bettys, as many of her episodes are wont to do. One is actual Average Betty, attending a night at a comedy club and the other, a comedian who does nothing but dish on the poor attendee Betty. The comedian Betty is the usual blend of quirky, loud and this time, purposefully obnoxious. She spends the entire time brutally insulting the Average Betty playing herself.

The funniest aspect of this episode is that every time actual Average Betty is insulted, the camera cuts to her reaction. By the end, she is in tears. She is verbally decimated by the alternate Betty character. It’s a Betty overload!

This is the true meta-Betty episode. I knew it was right around the corner. I knew there would be an episode where Betty attempts to out-Betty herself. Just typing the word “Betty” in this article has gotten painfully redundant. After a while I even forgot both characters are being played by the same woman.

The tacos? An epic recipe for an epic Betty episode. They look easy enough to make, in fact, easier than I would have imagined. Just some yogurt sauce and fried fish pieces. The food scenes seem longer in this one, they are woven in with the comedy scene well. But just try to look away when that fish is frying, I dare you. The fish tacos are captivating, the recipe is easy to follow, and there is plenty of Betty to satisfy your Betty fix. (Fact: The word “Betty” comprised over 6 percent of this article).

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