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Meredith Gendreau The Burg: MySpace
September 27, 2008
Question to the social networking savvy generation of today: What is worse than being taken off of your best friend’s MySpace Top Eight?

Obvious Answer: NOTHING, THAT’S WHAT!

Victims of passive aggressive friends can unite over this episode of The Berg. In MySpace, Courtney de-friends Spring from her Top Eight, afraid of what casting directors may think of Spring’s PITA (which bears an odd resemblance to PETA – coincidence, I’m sure.) affiliation. After seeing a graphic pro-animal rights video on Spring’s MySpace page, Courtney decides that she needs to ‘keep it shallow’ for the Hollywood crowd. Understandably so, we see the shallow side of Hollywood through US Weekly. If you ask me, it’s still no reason to give the online equivalent of the middle finger to your best friend.

Meanwhile, new roommate, Wall Street Ryan, with his Ken doll looks, frattifies Jed and Xavier’s apartment. Naked girl posters. Dave Matthews Band music. Preset stations of college football on ESPN. Abercrombie & Fitch gym muscle tees. Issues of FHM and Maxim. He is, with his unbalanced smile, obviously the makings of every woman’s dream future husband.

Also in this episode: Xander stares and makes sidewalk girl vendor Beatrice extremely uncomfortable. After confirmation from Courtney and an ex-girlfriend, he lets his self-consciousness go to his head like an eight-year-old. Stop worrying Xander, we promise we won’t be creeped out by you anymore. You’re really cuter than any of the other guys on The Berg. Shhhh – don’t tell Ryan.

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