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Meredith Gendreau The Burg: Cred
September 27, 2008
The opening minute of the pilot for The Berg sends me out of my Boston apartment bedroom and straight into an Urban Outfitters catalog. With their retro-style glasses, graphic tees, and Converse sneakers, there’s no doubt that the cast’s wardrobe comes straight from the racks of your local trendy superstore.

All fashion choices aside, The Berg chronicles typical twenty-somethings navigating through New York City life in its’ pilot episode. Meet Courtney, an aspiring model. She holds an addiction to plastic (and I don’t mean Tupperware) and constantly attempts to fit the part as an actress. “I need to be political and cute,” she exclaims, as she attempts to find the perfect statement shirt for her indie film audition. After finding that street vendors don’t accept her beloved Visa (really, who doesn’t take plastic these days?), she finds a way to make today’s ‘disposable credit society’ work the best to her advantage – all while piling on the debt.

Meet Jed and Xander. They live with Early, their deadbeat roommate. After months of racking up their electric bills and not paying rent, Jed and Xander want – no, need – to find a way to kick Early out, without looking like you-know-what-bags. Their solution? Early’s “profession” as a street & subway musician. Afterall, as Xander points out, ‘aren’t they all homeless anyway?’ Now, the only decision that’s left for Jed and Xander is to find a new roommate. Any votes for the European crystal meth dealer?

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