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Meredith Gendreau The Burg: Bar
September 27, 2008
The typical life of a twenty something at work: Fighting with the vending machine for your bag of Fritos. Sitting in your cubicle with your eyes shutting closed. Mindlessly toying with your blue un-tucked oxford shirt. Gossiping about your friends. Trying to determine the new “it spot” to go to after work. Complaining about work, and wishing you had more money. All in a day’s work.

Courtney’s answer to her debt and credit card obsession? Go-go dancing. On a bartop, no less. She’s always the first one out on the dance floor, so she knows that being a go-go dancer is her calling. Plus, her new job is the answer to her friends’ social woes. They’re sick of the now-trendy dive bars, and even sicker of the sports bars. They need to find the new place to be seen before it’s considered cool. The gang of The Berg are true trendsetters. When Courtney lands a new gig at Temple, it sounds like a winning Friday night.

Temple. It could easily be the name of a cool new dance club. Think techno music. Celebrities partying in plush VIP lounges. Pole dancing go-go dancers. Maybe some scantily clad dancers in cages, wearing lots of sequins. DJs that date Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. Temple. A hot new club. Only this time, Temple actually means temple, much to the surprise of Courtney and Co. Temple. As in bar mitzvah. Shalom. So much for Gray Goose martinis and making a move on Lindsay Lohan. But hey, at least there’s an open bar, right?

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