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Bret Silverberg Angry Video Game Nerd: The Zelda Timeline
September 27, 2008
You better get your nerd hat on for this one. AVGN attempts to solve the “Zelda Timeline.” The nerd/gamer speak is, as AVGN might say, “out the a**.”

I, like almost everyone else in their 20’s, am a huge Legend of Zelda fan. I remember getting the golden game cartridge when I was just a young gamer with nothing but Super Mario Bros 1-3 and Tetris to feed into my game console. Both great games in their own rights, but how many times can you fill in a line or defeat King Koopa without wanting to go outside and play (dare I say it) sports! Once I began playing this original Zelda I was hooked for life. It took me almost a year’s worth of Saturdays to beat the original, and I’m still working on most of the other ones.

This is an atypical, and very long, segment of AVGN, and it’s totally voiced over. But if you’re a true old-school gamer, this is like attending an AVGN lecture. It’s amazingly interesting despite the fact that you’re not treated to the usual rants and raves—he even admits at the beginning that there is relatively little to complain about with any games from the Zelda series.

It’s astounding to think that people, and I assure you AVGN is not the only one, have tried to piece this Zelda mess together. Even before I was old enough to ponder anything more significant than what type of ice cream flavor I would prefer that night after dinner, I remember thinking, “What is the true order of all these Zelda games?” Lucky for me AVGN tries to solve that at his own expense. Good luck trying to follow along. I would recommend extensive note taking, and there will be a review session at 4:30 in the quad.

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