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Bret Silverberg Angry Video Game Nerd: Battletoads
September 27, 2008
Through an onslaught of vulgarities, the Angry Video Game Nerd trudges his way through the Nintendo classic “Battletoads” with the guy who plays his theme music from behind the couch.

As he plays the game he expounds upon the various problems that occur while using the two-player feature, and in the process he exposes the worst flaw in many early video games: that you can harm your partner while attacking enemies on screen.

This has proven, over time, to be one of the most glaring programming mistakes in Nintendo’s long an illustrious history of programming. There weren’t many “beat ‘em ups” that feature the “you can attack your own player” feature, but when there were…oh man…the frustrations ran wild.

AVGN captures how I remembered feeling all those years ago. You would be laying a beating on a bad guy, I mean really pounding him into the ground, and then by the time your character gears up for the final flattening strike, the second player walks in the way and, oops, you’ve knocked him off the screen to his death. He dies, he’s out of lives, and in this particular game both players have to start the level again.

You don’t see this epic flaw in the legendary Double Dragon series (except for one of them in which I think you can choose to turn it on or off), and you certainly don’t see it in any of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, so why does it exist here?

What otherwise could have been a great Nintendo game falls way short of the high expectations you have after taking one look at the game cartridge that features a battletoad about to beat the crap out of a baddie. AVGN, thank you for exposing this cursed flaw and in doing so saving many nerdly gamers hours of strife in front of their TV screens.

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