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Bret Silverberg High Heel Samurai Gears Up For Season Two

September 1, 2008
High Heel Samurai tells the tale of four female martial artists and their underground fight club. Sounds simple, right? It’s anything but.

The show’s inaugural season met promising reviews. It’s not easy to be Sex and the City meets The Karate Kid as Julie Onufrank of Boston Magazine so described the series.

The show’s first seven episodes displayed the not-so sharp contrast between the four main characters’ underground fighting lives, and their regular lives that deal with the dramatic: boys, parents, work, school and the like.

For example: the girls have jobs, go on dates, and deal with the mob just like any normal, 20/30-something girl would have to do…wait…deal with the mob?

This is the reaction one is compelled to feel after viewing the first season of the Internet drama. One minute, the neo-fantastic four, Mia, Catia, Victoria and Sophia, are sitting around at their favorite restaurant, gabbing about a previous night’s date, and the next, they are in a back alley of suburban Boston discussing the potential prison sentences they will face should their underground, for-profit fighting circuit be found out.

The show weaves the fighting in with the normal hum-drum stuff. At times, it’s tough to tell where one ends and one begins. These are characters that get their kicks not from the dates or the prom or their jobs, but instead from hosting underground fights in which one person is often left bloodied on the concrete.

In season two, the ante will be upped. There are more episodes: 12, each split into six webisodes. There will be new actors: Mia Van de Water is taking over for Alexandra Maiorino in the role of the technically minded and strategic Catia Montaccini. And “there will be consequences,” or so says the tagline for season two, as the team will face their toughest foe yet: The FBI.

Through season one, there is relatively little internal strife among the characters. But in season two, word on the street is, stuff’s about to get dicey. Afterall, in the fast paced world of underground suburban fighting, tensions are gonna run high. You never want too many cooks in the kitchen, or in this case, too many young-adult female Karate underlords in the outdoor octagon.

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