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Meredith Gendreau Something To Be Desired: Season 1, Episode 1
August 31, 2008
Jack’s Back

“I thought I was done with this whole scene.”

Going home isn’t easy for Jack Boyd. Returning to his hometown for his sister’s college graduation, Boyd finds plenty of tension upon his arrival. He reunites with his old co-workers from WANT radio, and finds his ex-girlfriend, Allison, and her new boyfriend, Ray. The breakup was obviously unpleasant – in that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline kind of way. Allison manages to mumble and glare her way through a conversation with Jack, all the while showing off Ray as her trophy boyfriend. Clearly, not quite the welcome home Jack was hoping for.

Another source of drama in Jack’s former life can be found in Dean. Everyone knows guys like Dean. Despite graduating college, he still emits the all-too-familiar, arrogant fraternity boy vibe that spreads amongst twenty-something men (or rather, twenty-something boys). He pushes his girlfriend, Marjorie around, complains like a five year old to Jack, and laments, “I’m sick of all these soda pop girls.” Dean, don’t you understand that you have to grow up before graduating onto grown up relationships?

Something To Be Desired portrays Jack’s return in a cynical fashion thanks to his chubby best friend Leo. Leo manages to hate on Dashboard Confessional fans, emo music and English majors within the first 180 seconds of the show. Although, viewers cant’t take full offense. The cynical tone of Something To Be Desired leaves viewers with an oddly refreshingly real feeling that hasn’t been felt since My So Called Life.

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