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Ronda Roberts Loading Ready Run Phailhaüs 08
August 1, 2008
Graham opens the show welcoming his stubble and his special guest Matt Wiggins, and they share the “weird” news of the week – including a one year old subpoenaed for non-payment of a chiropractor bill (identity theft anyone?) and a teacher in Florida fired for “wizardry”. The two perform the newscast, and then make witty one-liners along the way. This video is reminiscent of the Saturday Night Live sketch “Weekend Update”

Graham Stark and his partner in video creation, Paul Sanders, are the masterminds behind Loading Ready Run. Their website features a wide range of comedic performances. Recent videos posted by their team include “First Draft Iron Man Trailer”, “Uwe Boll: Decision 2008”, and “Deeply Religious”. While their sketches are entertaining, they are sometimes over-acted and often appear filmed out of someone’s dorm room or college campus apartment. While the skits appear amateurish, this comedic duo does demonstrate the ability to write comedy, and they should be able to. Graham and Paul have been running video on their site for three years.

While Loading Ready Run is not consistent in its quality, it is worth checking out for gems among the skits. Phailhaüs 08 is one of the better videos, as is The Writers Room. Check these guys out if you like Saturday Night Live or Mad TV, but remember that it can be hit or miss. Just like network sketch shows, funny to the writers does not always translate to funny to everyone.

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