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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Bad Dates and Sore Losers Act 3
August 1, 2008
Have you ever had that “friend” who won’t go away? Have you ever been in love with someone only to have them tell you that they think of you as “just a friend”? If your answer to either of these questions is “yes” then you will relate to Tori’s (Lauren Guglielmello) and John’s (Paul Drechsler-Martell) situations in this episode of High Heel Samurai.

The episode opens with Tori and John studying together for biology class. Tori vents to John that her sister, Mia (Judith Kalaora) is super-overprotective. John defends Mia by saying that Mia just cares about her and wants for Tori to be safe. This seemingly innocuous conversation soon becomes a full-blown argument when Antonio (Chip Perro) is brought up. Tori states that she believes Antonio is a good fighter. John disagrees. After a few moments of futile banter on this subject, John comes right out and asks Tori why she invited him over, and she responds “We’re friends.” Then John confesses to Tori that he really likes her and he wants to be more than friends. She responds telling him that she’s not interested in him that way (ouch!). John then tells her that he cannot hang out with her because he’s not interested in having her as “just a friend” (double ouch). This episode leaves Tori and John in the awkward land of unrequited romance. While Tori tries to convince John that feelings do change over time and he doesn’t know what will happen, John is convinced he needs to let go. Will these two make up, or will every encounter between them now be stiff?

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