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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Bad Dates and Sore Losers Act 2
August 1, 2008
This episode explores “rules of dating”. Tori (Lauren Guglielmello) defends herself against the other girls claims that she shouldn’t have lost. She says that she lost to slow Antonio (Chip Perro) because he was really good. Sophie (Sam Pannier) counters this statement, telling her that his punches were really slow. All the girls agree that Antonio was really good looking. They segue from discussing Antonio’s weak punches and nice eyes to Sophie’s latest love interest. Before protective Mia (Judith Kalaora) will allow the conversation to cross over into this arena, Mia forces Tori to leave.

Once Tori has exited the restaurant, Sophie dishes on the new guy she met at the bookstore. She tells the girls that he’s really cute. She also tells them that she returned his call as soon as she got the message the previous evening – which was two a.m. Catia (Alexandra Maiorino) and Mia lecture Sophie on her dating habits. Mia explains that if you want a guy to stick around, you cannot call them at two in the morning – this gives men the wrong impression. Instead, you should keep parts of yourself secret. Catia agrees with Mia’s advice, saying that Sophie needs to tone it down because she’s often too much for the guys she dates. Sophie defends herself by saying “At least I’ve dated many attractive men in the last couple of years” and points out that the other two haven’t been dating. This conversation reminds me of the film How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days where Kate Hudson’s character is trying to prove to her friend that her dating habits are atrocious. The conversation on dating rules is interrupted when Mia takes a call from Jack (Brandon Stumpf) claiming that he must meet with her – it’s urgent. What is so urgent that it cannot wait? Tune into the next episode of High Heel Samurai to find out whether Sophie takes her friends’ advice and why Jack wants to see Mia.

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