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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Bad Dates and Sore Losers Act 1
August 1, 2008
What does it mean to have honor? High Heel Samurai explores this question. Mia (Judith Kalaora), states that in order to have honor, you have to respect the people you are closest to and allow them to do their thing. Presumably she is referring to the decision on her part to allow her little sister, Tori (Lauren Guglielmello) to participate in the Guerrieri. This is an important theme to pay attention to throughout the show. In earlier episodes, Mia mentions that she believes the Guerrieri will change the world, and that she doesn’t fight because of the money or because of the thrill of the fight, but because of honor. Is honor to be found in an illegal street fighting competition? We’ll find out as season one of High Heel Samurai continues.

This episode begins with Tori participating in her first fight. During this fight, she is egged on by her competitor. He consistently hits on her throughout the round. It also seems as though Tori is allowing him to get a leg up on her – his moves are slow, and she appears slow to avoid them. Does she find her rival attractive? At the end of the fight, he catches her and says, “I know it’s first to the ground, but I’d hate to watch you fall.” This bit of flirting on his part shows that he is attracted to her. What does this mean for the competition? Can you fight those you have an attraction for fairly? What effect does this have on honor? We’ll find out what the other girls think of this match when it comes time to vote later in High Heel Samurai.

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