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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
High Fashion and Street Gangs 6
August 1, 2008
Mia (Judith Kalaora) arrives at the designated meeting spot given to her over the phone. Moments later, a car drives up, and Eve (Tasha Merulla) steps out of the car then slowly approaches Mia. Eve informs Mia that she has a personal vendetta against her – that stems from the bad blood between both women’s’ fathers. Eve’s father is a criminal who, according to Mia’s account, “corrupts society with drugs.” Her father won the Guerrieri Tournament Mia’s father hosted, but his involvement with the drug underworld disqualified him. The prize money, then, went to the second place winner. Eve carries a torch from this event, and feels that her fate is to win the competition to set things right.

Eve tells Mia that she wants in on the competition. Mia tells her that there is no way she is letting someone into the competition who is the daughter of a drug dealer into the tournament. Eve challenges Mia to a fight. After a few moments of fighting, Eve knocks Mia to the ground and then tells her that she will be in the competition. She also tells Mia directly that she will receive the winner’s money as well as Mia’s share.

While Eve masks her demands underneath the guise of defending her father’s honor, what she is undertaking is far less than honorable. She reassures Mia that Tori (Lauren Guglielmello) will be safe now that the meeting has taken place. Even still, demanding that Mia the tournament takes away all honor from the Guerrieri. Will Mia rig the tournament, or will she do the honorable thing?

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