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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
High Fashion and Street Gangs 5
August 1, 2008
Raymond (Barry Kneller) confronts Catia (Alexandra Maiorino) about the rivalry between Sophie (Sam Pannier) and Verna Trink (Shelly Finnegan). Then, he informs her that Sophie he is disqualifying Sophie for this rivalry because it is a “dignified event.” This reference is intriguing. Is the event “dignified” because everyone is dressed up, or is it “dignified” because it is a martial arts event? Catia points out that it is a street fighting competition, and like it or not anything goes in street fighting. This appears to be a different point of view from her friend, Mia (Judith Kalaora) who believes that there are hard and fast rules to The Guerrieri. After pleading her case and promising that Sophie will fight fair, Raymond concedes and decides to allow Sophie to compete after all.

Near the end of the competition, while Sophie and Trink are going head-to-head, Mia receives a mysterious call. The caller, Eve (Tasha Merulla) tells Mia that she has a half hour to meet with her. The collateral for this meeting will be Tori’s (Lauren Guglielmello) head. Is this action dignified? I certainly do not think that it is. It is interesting that an episode starting out discussing dignity in street fighting ends with a scene where violence against the younger sibling of a rival is a threat.

Will Tori make it out of this situation okay? What is so important to Eve that she threatens violence to ensure that Mia shows up?

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