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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
High Fashion and Street Gangs 4
August 1, 2008
The girls arrive at the Hub Tournament with the appropriate dress code – high fashion and high heels. The scene looks more like a prom or gala than it looks like a fighting competition. One has to wonder whether it is possible to fight wearing a little black dress and stilettos. Before I was able to ponder this question too long, Raymond (Barry Kneller) welcomes them to his completion. He then explains that the Hub Tournament is a place for the crème de la crème to fight. He also tells them that they have quite the reputation – for being outstanding and honorable fighters.

Once Raymond leaves their presence in order to mingle with the other fighters in attendance, Verna Trink (Shelly Finnegan) makes eye contact with Sophie (Sam Pannier). It does not take long for Trink to approach the girls and confront Sophie. She tells Sophie that she did not appreciate the tactics Sophie utilized during their fight so that she could gain the upper hand (See, I just knew that talking smack would come back to haunt her). She then informs Sophie that she is prepared to ensure that Sophie will fail to win in the competition.

Afterwards, Mia (Judith Kalaora) tells Sophie that the fight has to be completely fair, but that Sophie must end the rivalry in order to uphold the reputation and honor of the High Heel Samurai (that term is beginning to grow on the four women). Sophie agrees that she should rematch Verna Trink. Will Sophie be able to defend her honor against Trink?

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