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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
High Heel Samurai Act 1
August 1, 2008
This episode put out by F.R. Perro starts out with the line “The Guerrieri Tournament is a year long fighting competition held in the back alleys of Boston. It’s been illegal since 1973.” We meet the girls who star in this webisodic program. The four women Mia (Judith Kalaora), Tori (Lauren Guglielmello), Catia (Alexandra Maiorino) and Sophie (Sam Pannier) are in the midst of this illegal street fighting competition. We hear a voice over explaining that there is honor in fighting to win. Catia and Sophie fight over who will judge the fight – Catia winds up being the judge. The guy Mia fights is John, someone who has been training for six years according to his count. Mia calls him an amateur. Tori, Mia’s younger sister comes on the scene and reveals to Sophie that she knows John – from biology class. When John is hit and holding his face, he looks up and recognizes Tori.

This introduction to the show gives us the setting, and the purpose of the show – four girls revive Mia’s father’s street fighting competition. The show is set up to be an action-drama and should appeal to both men and women. At the end of this act, we are left wondering “What will John do about the fact that he knows Tori from class?” This question, as well as the question of whether Mia will be victorious in the competition drives the viewer to watch and find out. This show has an appeal similar to Charmed – attractive women who can hold their own against the competition. Keep tuning in to find out whether Mia and her friends are able to hold it down in the back streets of Boston!

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