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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
High Fashion and Street Gangs 1
August 1, 2008
In this episode, another woman, Tanya (Najwa Ahmad Rosdi), challenges Mia’s (Judith Kalaora) abilities. We find that Mia is susceptible to falls just like everyone else. During this tournament, bets are in favor of Mia winning. Not only are gamblers in the audience, but a scout from another tournament watches as well. At first, Tanya looks like she is going to win, but near the end Mia makes a comeback and brings her competitor to her knees. As the honorable woman she is, Mia then commends the competitor on her abilities.

The scout, Raymond Figg (Barry Kneller) approaches Mia afterwards, and informs her that he runs a smaller tournament – called the Hub Tournament. He invites Mia and her friends to attend, referring to the four women, as we know them “The High Heel Samurai.”

Who is this Raymond Figg? At the beginning of the tournament, he asks his assistant, Slone (Stacey Polishook) which of the girls is Mia. When she tells him that it is the tall girl, he responds, “I thought she was supposed to be good.” This raises an interesting question, one that Mia addresses later in the episode: Does talent depend upon winning? Does the best person always win? It would seem, from a child’s eye point of view that talent does depend upon winning. However, this is not necessarily the case. Anytime we fall, it becomes a learning experience. Thus, it would seem that always winning would be counterproductive – it would not offer the fighter room for improvement or the ability to learn. Thus, Mia’s approach – commending her Tanya’s skills regardless of Mia’s win – allows room for the fighter to improve without doubting that Tanya is a good fighter. Raymond, then, would appear to have the child’s definition of winning – that winning only has to do with how good one is.

Will Mia and the other “High Heel Samurai” take Raymond up on the Hub Tournament invitation? There is only one way to find out, and you know what that is: Tune in.

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