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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Hidden Agendas and Broken Hearts 3
August 1, 2008
Yet another High Heel Samurai episode brings up the theme of honor. The girls celebrate Catia’s (Alexandra Maiorino) promotion with wine and duck (get used to hearing about Mia eating duck in the coming episodes). Mia (Judith Kalaora) informs the girls that she is going on a fourth date with Jack (Brandon Stumpf).

Meanwhile, we learn that Eve (Tasha Merulla) has a vendetta against Mia. She talks with Mia’s father about this. He tells her that it is his duty to make sure that Mia is safe. We also find out Eve is the informant for Mia and Tori’s father – and that he knows about the tournament. What we do not know is why Eve has a vendetta against Mia, and how Eve knows Mia’s father. Logically, we can deduce that Eve is questioning Mia’s honor.

Where the question of honor is most apparent is in the way Sophie (Sam Pennier) fights in this episode. Verna Trink (a former boxer) shows up at the Guerrieri. In order to get Trink riled up, Sophie begins flinging insults at her. This makes Trink lose her focus and Sophie is able to knock her down. Sophie insults her before kicking Trink in the face. When questioned by her friends, Sophie claims that her tactic was to play dirty – because Trink is so strong and because they are not in the “dojo.” Does anything go on the street? I am inclined to say “no.” Part of honor is playing fair. You cannot play fair by insulting your opponent and then kicking her in the face during a weak moment. Will there be repercussions for Sophie’s actions?

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