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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Hidden Agendas and Broken Hearts 2
August 1, 2008
Tori (Lauren Guglielmello) sits around with some friends from school and discusses John (Paul Drechsler-Martell) and who should date him. Her problems with him hitting on her may end. She plays the game of “pass the guy you don’t want to a friend.” Will this come back to bite her? Experience shows when seeing this game played, that the person who does the passing off often comes to realize that she wants to date the person after all.

Meanwhile, we find that Frank (Drew Cooper) and Jack (Brandon Stumpf) do not just sit around in their car and plot to take down the Guerrieri. Rather, they have other under-cover assignments too. One of these assignments involves making a trade with a group of people. Eve (Tasha Merulla), a mysterious woman who oversees this trade, enters the show. Once the trade goes down, Jack then requests a meeting with the boss (presumably, so that he can bust the head honcho of the operation).

At work, Catia’s (Alexandra Maiorino) boss praises her. He asks her how she feels about management and how she feels about the company. She responds, reassuring him that she is committed to her job. Catia’s boss gives her a temporary position, which will become full time if she can handle it. Can Catia handle a promotion given her involvement with the Guerrieri or will it be too much? Between Tori passing John to a friend and Catia taking on what may be more than she can handle, the question of honor comes up again. What is the honorable thing to do in this situation? When an event overwhelms you, should you delegate or step up to the plate? It is just one more question to ponder when watching High Heel Samurai.

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