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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Hidden Agendas and Broken Hearts 1
August 1, 2008
The kickoff episode to “Hidden Agendas and Broken Hearts” reminds me of something I have wanted to laud about this show. These women can fight. This episode kicks off with a bang – Catia (Alexandra Maiorino ) takes on a man, Rex (Robert Grayson), who is taller than her and appears stronger than her. However, after much fighting back and forth, it appears as though Catia takes him down.

In looking into the background of these actors, I found that Judith Kalaora (Mia) has thirteen years of martial arts experience. Lauren Guglielmello (Tori) has taken numerous dance classes. She is also only seventeen years old. Sam Pennier (Sophie) holds a Master’s Degree in exercise physiology. Alexandra Maiorino is exceptionally talented here as well, making the martial arts moves she uses for her character Catia look all too easy. One has to ask the question, due to the talent of these young women: which came first: the show or the cast?

Whatever order things came in, High Heel Samurai is proving itself as a formidable contender for good internet television. With an attractive cast and edgy plotlines, it would seem that this program could stir up interest for a time to come. The choreography involved in the martial arts scenes can be hit or miss at times (the opening for “Bad Dates and Sore Losers” seemed a bit stilted but that can be because Antonio was attracted to Tori). Nevertheless, this program is gaining momentum in terms of tension and quality. I have one suggestion for you, don’t miss an episode!

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