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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Bad Dates and Sore Losers Act 5
August 1, 2008
In my last review, I became so sidetracked with what we can learn from Sophie’s bad dating decisions that I didn’t talk about a very important development occurring on High Heel Samurai. Mia (Judith Kalaora) met with Jack (Brandon Stumpf). During this meeting, he tried to force her to take his money but she refused. Then he puts her in a headlock and convinces her that she should go on a date with him the following evening.

In this episode, Mia spills details about her awkward meeting with Jack to Catia (Alexandra Maiorino). She warns Catia that thinks Jack’s a cop, yet she’s going to go ahead and go on the date with him. Catia takes heed of Mia’s warning and holds fast to the idea that they should vote “no” on allowing Jack into the competition.

At dinner, Mia explains to Jack that she fights because she feels there’s something “romantic” about defending your honor through using fists. (Here’s that honor thing again). Jack asks Mia whether money has anything to do with the fighting. Mia responds that it’s about the experience but not at all about the money. She also seems to be quite open to Jack for someone who suspects him of not being who he says he is (and for someone who gave advice about remaining mysterious).

The main issue to be addressed between part four and this episode of “Bad Dates and Sore Losers” is that it is a good thing to trust your instincts. Granted, we as viewers have the privilege of knowing that Jack is an undercover cop. Because of this, you almost want to reach through your computer monitor and shake Mia to say “Yes, your hunches are correct! Don’t tell him everything!”

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