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Ronda Roberts High Heel Samurai:
Bad Dates and Sore Losers Act 4
August 1, 2008
Think of the worst date you’ve been on. Did you stay for the entire time? Did you invite the guy back to your place in order to get to know them more? In this episode, Sophie (Sam Pannier) has her date with Chad Michaels (Joshua McHugh). They make small talk and Sophie attempts to follow her friends’ advice and be mysterious. There is no chemistry between the two what-so-ever. Chad explains that he’s a “low key” guy who enjoys staying in. You have to wonder first why it is Sophie is attracted to him and two whether Sophie will commit the cardinal sin of dating by not being true to herself.

Afterwards, Sophie has invited Chad back to her place (though I’m not entirely sure who would do this on a first date – and one that fell flat for that matter). When Sophie puts some music on for Mr. Boring, he responds by telling her he doesn’t want to listen to anything too stimulating. While she does this, her date begins to snoop around her apartment. As a viewer, I can say that Chad is a total tool. He finds Sophie’s black belt and ties it around his waist in a bow. (This is a serious head shaking moment – I mean…come on now Sophie girl have some self respect!) I really hope that Sophie does not decide to date this guy for the fear of being alone. Take this episode as a lesson, women, if there is a guy and you go on a date with him, and he is your absolute opposite, do not drag it out. It will just get worse from there. Trust me! Oh, and keep tuning into High Heel Samurai to find out what happens next to these girls (and to see if Sophie drops the zero…).

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