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Ronda Roberts Life from the Inside: Do not Attempt Part 1
July 28, 2008
Today, we meet Mason (Robb Padgett), an agoraphobic man who seems to be trapped in his apartment, his friend Guy (Steven Lekowicz) who claims that the older generations don’t understand that you don’t have to have a job to be successful. Ashleigh (Tanya Ihnen) comes over while on the phone with her mother. She then asks Mason what he is looking at – and finds that not only is he looking at the new building super, Jennifer (Corrie Meyers), but that he’s responsible for having dirtied up the driveway of their apartment complex by breaking jars of raspberry jam. Ashleigh needles Mason about asking Jennifer out – so Mason devises an insidious plan: He’s going to break his microwave so Jennifer has to fix it. When ordering a new one, Mason discovers that he is out of money after retiring just five years ago at twenty-five.

The tongue in cheek humor displayed in this first episode, and the witty banter offered between Ashleigh and Mason promise that this is a webisodic program that will not disappoint. With Lekowicz’ Guy as comic relief and Ihnen’s Ashleigh as the sarcastic character, the show is set up to please and entertain audiences. The fact that the show centers around the challenges an agoraphobic faces – and makes them funny is original and entertaining. The producers and writers of this show have done well to set up a balance of character between uptight Mason and his friends. This balance ensures that the show is funny without being over-the-top.

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