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Ronda Roberts Roommates - As the Second Season Ends

Webisodic Series Roommates ended its second season March 30th. This faux reality show centers on four women’s lives: Peyton (Tarah DeSpain), Violet (Brittney Kara), Heather (Kelly Frye), and Sigourney (Anna Bohn). They moved to LA to participate in a reality show produced by friend Justin (Andy Ostroff) while four former roommates dispersed around the country pop up periodically on MySpace Vlogs.

In the final webisode, “The Love We Make,” the cameras center on Justin and Peyton in bed. Justin says, “Every time I thought about this, I never thought there would be so many cameras around.” Sigourney announces that her agent, Kurt takes her back as a client and has managed to get her a new audition. Heather, reformed from a life of partying announces that she’ll be meeting Donny’s parents for Easter. Violet and “baby’s daddy” one night stand Ethan have finally got together. The series ends with Justin informing Peyton in a Dawson’s Creek-like moment that he has been accepted to the film school at New York University. Peyton announces that she will follow him to New York.

This season ending wraps up in a tidy box, leaving the fans wondering, “Will there be a season three?” While the series leaves something to be desired as far as original plotlines are concerned (Justin and Peyton reflect a plotline from Dawson’s Creek) and the actresses at some points over-acted, it has attracted many loyal viewers. In case you have missed the series, you can find it at

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