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Ronda Roberts Circles Episode 5: Jessie
July 9, 2008
In this episode, we are faced with a moral dilemma: If the man you want is about to make a move on a woman – who may want him – when she has just announced that she’s not receptive to any moves what should you do? Jessie (Anna MacKinnon) answers this question by sending Lucas (Brandon Bautista) on stage to confess his love to Abby anyway – even though she just overheard Abby say “If I get hit on one more time, I’ll flip out.”

Is all fair in love and war? What are the duties of friendship in this case? If it were me and I overheard the love interest of my best friend announce that they were not going to be receptive to any moves put on them, then I’d be pulled towards keeping my best friend from embarrassing herself (or himself). When you mix “love” into the equation, however, you have to wonder whether Jessie is truly in love with Lucas, or whether she is infatuated with her best friend.

When the show jumps back to 2007, Jessie and Lucas are sitting on the steps of Lucas’ apartment complex. He asks her why she is upset with her, and she reminds him that he was supposed to be horseback riding with her the night before. Lucas even goes so far (and this made me think, maybe Jessie wasn’t so much in the wrong) to ask the biting question “Does it make it better that it was Abby?”

Meanwhile, in a scene that is possibly the most horribly acted of this series, Noah (Joshua Ortman) is informed by his father (Jim Ortman) that he is being completely cut off. Noah, it turns out was thrown in jail for a DUI the night before. He is also informed that his step-sister, Nicole (Robin Amber Lee) will be taking over the Laundromat. Several hours later, Jessie shows up at Noah’s Laundromat. During an interesting turn of events, Noah pulls it out of Jessie that she is in love with Lucas.

That night, Lucas puts together an event where he honors his friendship with Jessie. He gives her a necklace like the one in the film, Titanic and they dance. Noah crashes the party, drunk, and very awkwardly informs Lucas that Jessie is in love with him.

Is it better to know the truth, or to continue in oblivious bliss? The only way to find out how this plays out for these characters is to tune into further episodes of Circles at

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