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Ronda Roberts Circles Episode 4: Noah
July 9, 2008
What happens when you feel like your past was your peak? In 1997, Noah (Joshua Ortman) was crowned “prom king”. He hangs out in the bathroom with his buddies and brags about his date, Nicole (Robin Amber Lee) who later becomes his stepsister when his father marries her mother. He mentions that he’s looking forward to playing ball in college.

Flash forward to 2007. Noah works at his father’s Laundromat in competition with his stepsister. He’s dating Lisa (Shekina Pena) who feels awful left out of Noah’s life. In fact, in this episode while Noah is having drinks with his friend April (Linsay Gould) at his favorite bar, one of the waitresses snitches on him to Lisa. April points out that she feels as though this scene is in her past and that she’s ready to give up the get drunk one day and then the next pattern from college days. It thus appears that while April is growing up, and many of our other Circles characters mature, Noah is stuck back in the land of high-school glory days.

It’s easy for people to get sucked into the “glory days” mentality. For example, someone who enters graduate school may consistently think along the lines of, “When I was an undergraduate, I was on top of the world.”

Noah isn’t the only one living in the past, however. In this episode we find out that Jessie (Anna MacKinnon) made a pact in 1997 with Lucas (Brandon Bautista) that if things didn’t work out with him telling Abby (Kathleen Bendall) he was in love with her, that he would follow her to Los Angeles. Not only does he not follow Jessie to LA, but he also stands her up in 2007 when they are supposed to go horseback riding – and for what? A blond girl named Abby who calls him up and asks him out on a date.

I find myself, after this episode pulling for Jessie and Lucas to get together. After all, she is the one who stood by him during those years when Abby fell off the face of the earth. At the same time, I want to smack every one of these young characters for living in their past. Regardless, the question remains and the anticipation intensifies – who will Lucas end up with? Will Noah figure things out and find his place in the world? The only way to find out is to continue to tune into Circles at

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