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Ronda Roberts Circles Episode 3: April
July 9, 2008
Have you ever asked yourself the question: Can I ever really start over? How about the question: Can I apologize to that person I broke up with in a crappy way? If you answered “yes” to either one of these two questions, you can relate to this episode of Circles in a big way.

In the 1997 prom flashback, April’s (Linsay Gould) date tries to pressure her to go back to a hotel with him. When she refuses to go because she wants to spend time with her friends, he walks out on her. April winds up crying in the stairwell because her reputation will not disappear.

When the episode jumps to 2007, we find that April is still trying to combat her reputation as being the “easy” girl. . She has it out with Abby (Kathleen Bendall) when she comes home from a particularly stressful day as a teacher (one of her students announced to her class that she slept with his older brother in high school).

Meanwhile, Lucas (Brandon Bautista) rants to Jessie (Anna MacKinnon) about the crashed date with Abby Jessie then points out that Lucas has an “obsessive need to be liked by everyone”. Jessie then reminds Lucas that his college girlfriend probably hates him because of the way he broke up with her (over her name, rather than the truth which was he didn’t like her). Lucas sets out to prove her wrong by going over to talk to Dylan. When Lucas shows up at Dylan’s he apologizes, and learns that Dylan is now married. After insulting Dylan’s husband, he rushes off to Hallmark – and proves Jessie’s theory correct. While the acting in this episode is not its strong point, its ability to bridge the experience gap between viewers and characters is a strong point. After all, how many of us have apologized to others in order to save face – for us, not for them? How many of us have done things in high school that were mistakes – but still carry around the burden those mistakes created? Circles is one show that has managed to capture the every-day in its plot-line. Tune in at to find out what happens next.

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