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Ronda Roberts Cerealized Episode 3: The Insult
July 4, 2008
Lincoln (John Schuett) advises Cory (Matt Noos) on how to pick up the ladies: energy. Cory, however, is not in the mood to hear it from Lincoln and inserts witty remarks between sentences. According to Lincoln, energy comes from eating right. As Lincoln goes on and on and on about how he eats right with not too many carbs and just a little fat – and how he chews everything forever, Cory retaliates by saying “Yo momma’s a low carb protein shake” followed by a slew of other insults. Charlotte (Erin Whitehead) then chimes in by telling Lincoln that they don’t want to know anything about his healthy eating habits. Lincoln proceeds to leave, leaving Charlotte and Cory with Cory’s fried grapefruit.

Tobin Mollett wrote this episode and Brad Fox produced it – painting an interesting picture of Cory randomly butting in with insults after becoming quite fed up with Lincoln droning on about his healthy diet. The irony of it all is that when we find out that Cory has a fried grapefruit, it appears that Lincoln was lecturing him on having to fry even fruit. This isn’t the point though, how many of us have either had a roommate or partner who tries to lecture you, first thing in the morning, on how to eat healthy. It’s annoying, isn’t it? I think this episode does well to appeal to our inner “Cory” that wants to just start insulting that person back – pre coffee style. Yes, I think that at some way, we can all relate to Cory in this episode.

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