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Ronda Roberts Cerealized Episode 2: Coffee Filter
July 4, 2008
If only my breakfasts were so eventful. Cory (Matt Hoos) prepares a card for Charlotte (Erin Whitehead) and nearly draws a heart after her name – he then changes it to a funny looking bird saying her name on the envelope and places it underneath a red rose in a vase on the table. Deciding better, he exchanges the rose for a glass of orange juice. Charlotte comes down stairs and grinds coffee beans – and Cory appears to be rehearsing to ask her out. While they talk, Charlotte asks where the coffee filters are. After discovering Lincoln (John Schuett) didn’t purchase the filters at the store, she winds up using Cory’s envelope as a filter, and throws his card away. Lincoln then presents her with a card.

Oh the irony! You have got to love the fact that Cory puts so much effort into Charlotte’s card, and then hides the rose, just to have her grab the card off the table and use the envelope as a coffee filter. Writer, Jason Rothery, has successfully plotted the “oh man that stinks bro” situation here. Part of me, as the viewer wants to shout to Cory “Just tell her you gave her a card dude!” but another part of me wonders what is up with many web shows playing on the theme of unrequited, secret love. Regardless, the fact that Charlotte tears into Cory (who has nothing to do with the absence of coffee filters) after he has prepared a congratulations card draws laughter. Catch up on webisodes of Cerealized at

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