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Ronda Roberts Break a Leg Episode 1: The Pilot Act III
July 4, 2008
You can’t make a television show without any money. Jennifer (Chad Yarish), Sebastian (Skip Emerson) and the others all inform David (Yuri Baranovsky) that the only money they made as mimes was three dollars. Chase Cougar (Justin Morrison) on the other hand makes $500 charging for autographs. They must come up with some better idea to raise the $400,000 necessary to make the pilot. The idea is to call Andy Corvell, a network executive, and get him to fund their show. When Jennifer and Sebastian enter the meeting room, they talk to Corvell who is on speaker phone. They are instructed to make David Penn the face of the show. Then they need to leak stories to tabloids, and get publicity for their show. Jennifer and Sebastian inform everyone that they have funding for three episodes. The cast and crew celebrate and Sebastian sends David off to get wine coolers when he meets Larry (Flynn Kelleher), the man assigned to him to be his bodyguard.

One has to wonder two things when watching the conclusion to the pilot: How do all these people make the television shows that get put on the air, and is being a television script writer really that dangerous? Regardless of the answers to these two questions, the adventure and humor inherent in this show inspired by Arrested Development and Scrubs, I’m amazed that this webisodic show hasn’t taken off. The talent behind the show is quite rich, and the comedy is witty and original. If you haven’t started watching, please tune into Break a Leg.

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