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Ronda Roberts Break a Leg Episode 1: The Pilot Act II
July 4, 2008
Jennifer (Chad Yarish) lectures David (Yuri Baranovsky) on using Amber as the star for the show. Then he informs David that the set they will use is, in fact, a house. Moreover, Sebastian (Skip Emerson) is living in this house because he has no money. David threatens to take the show to another producer. Then, the creative team informs the actors that they have no money to pay the actors – and in fact, that the actors have to mime in order to raise money. Miming isn’t going so well – especially since the donations asked for are astronomical. Meanwhile, David and actor Claudio (Daniel George) tell a jogger that they are selling a statue – and wind up getting taken by him on his scheme to raise money. How do they get taken? The jogger claims to be an undercover park police officer and threatens to haul them to park jail unless they pay a hundred dollars each.

The big question here is still: How does David Penn wind up in a basement/storage area being held hostage? One might guess after this second act that he’s being held hostage as a plot of the cast and crew of his show, Groommates, in order to raise money – especially since miming and selling statues that cannot be sold doesn’t go so well for them. The best part of The Pilot, Act II is when David actually hands his money over to the guy claiming to be an undercover park police officer, and realizes he’s been taken. Tune into more episodes of Break a Leg at to find out what happens to David Penn next.

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