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Ronda Roberts Ask a Ninja – Question #72 Ninterview
June 15, 2008
I remember the complete lack of respect my friends and I had for guidance counselors when we were in school. Later in life, I’ve repeatedly remembered the adage that those who can do, and those you can’t teach when I’ve heard someone suggest that they were thinking about going to a career counselor.

Career counselors don’t make a lot of money so it’s at the very least a huge contradiction to speak to them about my career. It would be like talking to Joan Crawford about motherhood or the Chinese about birth control. I especially don’t need a career counselor when I can get same advice for free and from a ninja.

The job interview is an unnerving affair so a little preparation helps tremendously. And that is what the ninja offers in this installment. If your interviewer is wearing a suit you should be wearing a Speedo, speak with an accent and avoid common ground with your interviewer. I mean these things just make sense. Finally, the coup de grace, always speak gibberish to everyone in the company except the interviewer, this will make you look unique when your interviewer inquires with his colleagues what they thought of you. It makes perfect sense to me and I am looking forward to trying this and other advice out. Clearly this is why the United States is falling behind; too many guidance counselors and not enough ninjas preparing our children for a life beyond school.

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