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Katie Barragan Sam Pannier of High Heel Samurai
April 2, 2008
In the midst of unlawful combat, dead-end jobs and the lackluster love interests encountered in season one of the online television series High Heel Samurai, Sam Pannier manages to hold her own as Sophie Tremble, the stubborn, hard-hitting fighter of her group of friends. Sam Pannier Pannier, like other cast members, stumbled across High Heel Samurai online. An open casting call for the show was posted on an internet casting site, and the unusual title intrigued her. Not knowing what to expect, she auditioned and landed the role of Sophie Tremble.

High Heel Samurai is Pannier’s first series, and she likes the idea of working on a project where there is more opportunity for the characters to develop. Pannier’s career in the limelight began fairly recently. “No one’s really approached me on the street,” she quips, “sometimes when I give out the card with [a picture of] all of us on it, people are like ‘Oh which one are you?’ and I say that I’m the only blonde one!’” With a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, rather than acting, Pannier lectures about health issues and teaches CPR classes in addition to acting and modeling. Her (absolutely adorable) daughter is one of her biggest fans, often asking to see mommy on the computer, and occasionally tagging along to the set.

Even with the successful completion of the first season of the show, Sam’s not letting this accomplishment go to her head. Seeing herself on “the little computer screen is fine,” but seeing herself on the big screen at the Boston Super MegaFest “where your head is ten times bigger than any normal head should ever be… it gets a little strange!”

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