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Katie Barragan Mia Van de Water of High Heel Samurai
April 2, 2008
High Heel Samurai is Mia Van de Water’s first experience with online television, which is an exciting step in her career. With sites like YouTube and MySpace making films and videos more accessible to the viewing public, more people are turning to the web for amusement. “Online entertainment is going to be huge,” Van de Water explains, “it’s really cool to be a part of an emerging movement.” Mia Van de Water

In season two of the OTV series, Van de Water will be taking over the role of Catia Montaccini, formerly played by Alexandra Maiorino. Catia is the responsible voice of reason within her group of friends, and makes it a point to offer words of wisdom about the conflicts that the High Heel Samurai encounter; like why allowing a suspected police officer to join their illegal street fighting competition is probably not a good idea! As for replacing another actor in an established role, it isn’t easy, but it’s nothing the Emerson College alumni can’t handle. Having done a fair amount of film in high school and college, Van de Water has tackled everything from school plays to intense comedy classes (with scary clowns), and long as she’s had her coffee, she knows she’ll be fine.

And, what’s in store for the up-coming season? Not even the original cast members have had a sneak peak; though rumor has it Catia will come off a little more “spicy” and edgy this time around!

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