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Frangelica Odell Lauren Guglielmello of High Heel Samurai
April 2, 2008
I was a little nervous as I began my interview with Lauren Guglielmello, otherwise known as Tori Talletetto, on the online televison series “High Heel Samurai.” I wondered if the glamorous life of acting had gone to the 17-year-old’s head. But as we began to talk, the collected, funny, down-to-earth character that Gugliemello plays on screen translated comfortably to the real life actor. Lauren Guglielmello

Performing since she was three years old as a dancer, Guglielmello quickly became used to the limelight. She went on to take acting classes, and fell in love with acting. Now, as part of a new OTV series, Guglielmello plays the sexy high school Karate girl helping to run an illegal fighting tournament. Any similarities between the actor and the character she plays? “Tori is confident and determined. We’re similar in that way,” she said, but audiences may be surprised to learn that Guglielmello is not a real-life karate expert. “I’m not actually, but I do dance, and I think that gives me an edge.”

Lauren enjoys watching films such as Garden State, which she states is a “feel good” movie with Natalie Portman. For television she likes to stick to the classic nineties shows like “Dawson’s Creek” Any celebrity crushes? “Ryan Gosling [laughs], by far!”

Guglielmello is excited about this series, and working with the Samurai cast last year was a great experience. She built strong friendships, and believes the connections translate onto the screen where the Samurai girls eat, laugh, and fight, while hiding their identities as the four sexy, illegal overseers of the Guerrieri.

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