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Frangelica Odell Judith Kalaora Leads the High Heel Samurai to the Guerrieri
April 2, 2008
Since she was eight years old, Judith Kalaora knew she was destined to act. Kalaora, who plays Mia Tallatetto, the leader of the Samurai girls on the online television show “High Heel Samurai,” talked about the show, and about the person she is off screen. I asked Kalaora if there was one word to describe her, and she jokingly replied “Fantastical [laughs]”, followed by a very well thought out “… I’d have to say Quirky.” After a few minutes I could tell quirky was the right word. Judith Kalaora Judith joked about her celebrity crushes-- her “old” celebrity crush being Sean Connery, and her “normal” celebrity crush as Johnny Depp.

In third grade some Boston University graduates visited Kalaora’s elementary school and showed the students different techniques of acting through entertaining games. Years later she remembers that day and recalls knowing that acting was what she was meant to do. “I knew it was something I wanted” and even at the age of eight she knew that acting was a skill she would devote her life to perfecting.

Onscreen Judith describes her character as a leader, and a risk taker. Kalaora’s real-life risk taking might be seen through her thirteen years of Martial Arts experience including “Tang Soo Do” a South Korean martial arts technique as well as “Kenpo” and “Jiu-Jitsu.” All three categories of martial arts require skilled foot-work and Kalaora makes it look effortless and flowing nevertheless.

Kalaora hinted at the second season which will begin filming shortly. Samurai viewers should stay tuned for the upcoming season where four talented, sexy and above all strong women rule the streets of Boston, and the men they come to meet!

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